Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Lives are saved and second chances are made possible by the generosity of blood donors. Here's how your donation impacts patients and families in our community.

Matthew receives fresh cells for sickle cell anemia

Our team provides life-saving care for Matthew right in the hospital every month.

Providence, RI

See RI Blood Provides Care in Hospitals
Kevin, Age 11, IVIG

It is the "blood of a thousand donors" that keeps 11-year-old Kevin on the soccer field. 

Bridgewater, MA

See One Saves Three
Kelly & Joni Guay

The power of your platelet and red cell donations are amazing and the very reason 10-year-old Joni is able to do what she loves the most.

See Life Is Good Thanks to Blood Donors
Daniel and Ty

In the blink of an eye, these brothers nearly died.

See In the Blink of an Eye
Dorna's Blood Donation

After conquering her fear of giving blood, a daughter continues her family tradition of giving blood now that her mom no longer can. 

Providence, RI

See Conquering My Fear of Giving Blood
Matthew Receives Fresh Cells
Kevin, Age 11, IVIG
Daniel & Ty
Dorna Honor's Mom by Carrying on Family Tradition
I saved lives I gave blood and I liked it Even storm troopers donate
Be the next hero!

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Expore these helpful resources to learn more about all things blood - who can donate, blood types, types of donations, common, misconceptions, the blood donation process, and more.

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Can I Donate?

Taking a medication? Can I give if...I had a heart attack, or cancer, have diabetes or high blood pressure? Find Out if You're Eligible to Donate Blood

The Experience

The Experience

Not sure what donating blood is like? It's quick and easy and involves cookies! See the Entire Process

Blood Types

Blood Types

No matter what your blood type is, it's special. There are four common blood types, and yours is always the right type to give. Learn About Blood Types.