Platelet Donation 101 in 1 Minute

Why give a blood donation of just your platelets? It's easy to do, makes a world of difference, and is something tangible you can do right now that truly helps people who are battling cancer and other illnesses.

Be a Hero & Get Some "Me Time"

Become a platelet donor. What else can you do that literally saves lives and lets you relax for a bit?'ll be amazed at how easy it is to be a hero and take a break from the hectic world we live in!

Platelets are often referred to as "liquid gold" for the color and the priceless life-saving properties people need to survive surgeries, cancer and many other illnesses.

Fast Facts About Platelets:

  • are most often used for people undergoing cancer treatment, which is one reason they are always in demand.
  • platelets help people survive chemotherapy and radiation. They also help people with bleeding disorders and who need surgery.
  • help your blood clot, which prevents and stops bleeding.
  • have a short shelf life of five days.

When giving an automated donation of platelets, you:

  • save up to three lives by providing up to 3 doses of platletlets patients need. It takes many whole blood donations to make one therapeutic dose of platelets.
  • help minimize risks associated with transfusions because they come from only you, as opposed to pooled platelets from multiple whole blood donations.
  • receive your red blood cells back.
  • can donate every two weeks, up to 24 times a year.

Be Inspired

Platelets are often referred to as "liquid gold" for their color and because they are pricess to people who need them to live, like 10-year-old Joni Guay. Get inspired by those who give and those who receive your platelet donations. 

10-year-old Joni Guay needs platelet donations every week.


You must be at least 17 years old and weigh 110 pounds or more. 16 year olds can donate with a parent's permission. Questions about eligibility? Call 401-453-8307.

Step by Step

Platelets are collected through a special device, which allows you to give just the part of your blood patients need the most. 

  1. Your donation begins with your blood being collected with a special device.
  2. The device separates your red blood cells, plasma and platelets.
  3. The blood cells that are not needed are painlessly returned to you during donation using single, safe and sterile tubing.
  4. The collection, separation, and return happen intermittently throughout the donation.

Before Your Appointment

Before your platelet donation appointment, drink plenty of fluids, eat regular meals and refrain from aspirin or products containing aspirin for 48 hours before your platelet donation.

Printable Brochure on Platelet Donation

Can I donate platelets? Call our medical staff at 401-453-8307 to get your questions answered!